Return The Sun: December 2009

Timberline 09

A video of our olympic training session in a secret location on Mt. Hood.

Just kidding, it's just us having fun and shredding to the limit
featuring: George, Artem, Felix, Vladic, Tommy, Vadim, Slavik, Max

you can feel the sunshine fading

For this project, we had to utilize various darkroom "tricks" and here's what I came up with.

Miami Horror-Sometimes (G.L.O.V.E.S. Remix)

More People

Today was my last official day at college, now on to University.

Here's a song dedicated to the beautiful Clark College, the best community college in the world..

Awesome people, awesome teachers, awesome campus, awesome memories
picture courtesy of Chief Joseph

Animal Collective-College

and here are some more portraits

Chill(y) Monday

Today, my friend Slavik and I battled through the mind-numbing cold to explore
the mysterious dimension known as The Zone of Radical Awesomeness.

How was your monday?