Return The Sun: 2010

Pixel Paper No. 2

Pixel Paper No. 1

I recently got a notebook of paper with little squares on it.
Rather than calling this graph paper
which has a distasteful mathematical connotation;
I decided to rename this pixel paper
which sounds a lot more pleasant (and artistic).

I'm sure you creative people can relate to the frustration of looking at a blank
white piece of paper and having absolutely no idea what to do with it.
With pixel paper, that first problem is avoided because you already have something
on the page to look at, and all you have to do is find a way to manipulate those
little squares into something cool.

Into The Light

Nosaj Thing-Quest

-making fake horror movies on an iphone (lolz)
-blowing up fireworks in holes
-...and then running away in total darkness
-sharing two flashlights for like eight people
-tripping over rocks
-the perfect place to listen to dubstep

The Disconnect

Tycho-The Daydream


Neon Indian-Mind Drips (Mirror People Remix)


Snow makes everything look so magical

...and I don't care how cheesy that sounds

Mark Mothersbaugh-Snowflake Music

The Son of Righteousness

"As the sun is the center, so is Christ;
as the sun is the great motor, the first source of motive power,
so is Christ to his people;
as the sun is the fountain from which light, life, and heat perpetually flow,
so is the Savior;
as the sun is the fructifier by which fruits multiply and ripen,
so is Christ:
and as the sun is the regulator and rules the day,
and marks the seasons,
even so is Jesus owned as Lord
to the glory of God the Father...
And brethren, if you would sun yourselves in Christ's beams,
let me bid you reflect his light whenever you receive it.
He is the sun, and you are the planet, but every planet shines,
shines with borrowed light. It conceals no light,
but sends back to other worlds what the sun has given to it.
Cast back on men the light which Jesus gives you."
Spurgeon, 1871

On The Road Again

Matthew Dear-You Put A Smell On Me (Breakbot Remix)

Бабушка и Дедушка

Blockhead-Coloring Book

One Look

The Radio Dept.-Heaven's On Fire


Move over JB

Justin Bieber-One Time

Project Battleground

A project I did for school.

Shell of Light



Feist-Limit To Your Love

Down Down Down

Crystal Fighters-Plage


Levek-Look On The Bright Side


One of the things I like about George is that he's real.
It seems that he doesn't even know how to be fake or put on a mask.
He's the same person in front of everyone, whether it's the pastor or his friends.
While so many of us try to impress others with our actions or words, George
just lives his life without caring what others think (to a degree).

And in spite of that, he loves to be around people.
I've seen him open up to people that he just met and by the end of the conversation
it seems like they've known each other for years.
People who know him know that he's a lol factory, I'm pretty sure that every time
I talk to him, I crack up at one point or another..
But he can also be serious, I've had many awesome times of fellowship with him.
It's been a privilege for me to get to know him more and reach that point where
we can have fun and still be edifying to each other.

In conclusion, George is awesome and I'm glad he's my friend

Happy Birthday Homeboy


Tennis-Take Me Somewhere

Indian Beach 2010

funny friends, fantastic food, beautiful beach

Golden Haze

Au Revoir Simone-Tell Me (Little Loud's Dreamwave Remix)

The rain is back and school has started. Summer is over.

Golden Haze

Hey Cool Kid

Sonny & The Sunsets-Too Young to Burn

Cotton Candy

Röyksopp-This Space



At a glance

We filmed a fun skate sesh on Anton's iphone..
check it

19 Summers

A sugar-coated expression of inner turmoil

The Tough Alliance-25 Summers and Runnin

19 Summers

RTS for D+K

A month ago, I was privileged to shoot the wedding of my friends, Dima and Kae.
Needless to say, it was an amazing wedding and everything went really smoothly.
It was awesome hanging out with the bride and groom as well as the two professional
video/photo dudes, Dan Usenko and Max Lopatin.

These photos were shot with film, which is always a risky endeavor. And to top it
off, my camera was being plagued with shutter problems. But in the end, it turned out ok.

It's hard to properly convey the quality of the prints on a computer screen,
because they look ten times better when you're holding them in your hand. But
you can get a taste of my favorite shots right here, and if you want to see the
prints, just ask Kae.

R1- 1

RIP Chancho

Even though you kept me up at night,
pooped all over my room,
and chewed up everything (including my phone charger and headphones)...

I'll miss you

I drew this when I first got him..
Rest in Peace Chancho

RIP Chancho


I can't believe this one turned out, it was taken at night, hand-held,
at a super-slow shutter speed.

Chateau Marmont-Nibiru



Have you ever had that when you're trying to explain something important to someone,
and it seems like they are either not understanding it or not paying attention?

Happens to me all the time.

I've realized that so many thoughts and sayings are incredibly profound
if you pay attention and think about them, something that most
people aren't willing to do unfortunately.

I think that's why so much talk today is just cheap and useless.
I think that's why people have given up on saying things that are meaningful,
because almost no one is willing to listen and understand.
I think that's why, in the midst of today's information overload, so little is actually being said.

People have become too self-absorbed with what they have to say.
They don't realize that the people they talk to are living humans just like them,
with thoughts, dreams, and passions that they want to share.
Everyone wants to express what's inside of them, it's the way God made us.
Everyone wants to be listened to and understood.
We actually have a lot of common ground with most people around us, but we'll never
know unless we listen and let them open up.
There's so much to learn from people, and we really miss out when we're selfish and
refuse to listen.

That's why so much of our conversations are full of small talk and meaningless chatter.
Sometimes I think both sides want to express themselves sincerely and honestly
but are afraid.
Afraid of being judged, laughed at, or rejected.
So don't mock or make fun of people when they talk about something they really care about.
Even if it's seemingly insignificant or stupid.
To them, those words are just as important as your inner thoughts are to you.

I'm guilty of that.
I also need to listen more and be genuinely interested.
I'm realizing that the reason so many people feel depressed and misunderstood
is because they're too busy thinking about themselves
instead of opening their eyes and being involved in someone else's life.

So do yourself a favor.


Ask questions.
Try to understand what people are really saying
and why they're saying it.

Encourage others to open up by being open yourself.
Don't worry about what other people will say
because their opinion doesn't have to affect you.

Be real.


m83-Slight Night Shiver


All I can say is


Amazing video for one of my favorite songs of 2010.
Made with over 2000 hand-painted watercolor images


The sun has returned

Delorean-Simple Graces



Jens Lekman-Tram #7 to Heaven (live)

Tram#7 To Heaven

Rat Race

Metronomy-On the Motorway

On the Motorway

Rainy City

Blackbird Blackbird-Ups & Downs

Rainy City

I keep it real

"Come with me to the place I call reality, are you ready to let go to make it real?"


"Drink from the fountain of youth and never age again"

Miami Horror-Sometimes(Shazam Remix)


The Park Vid

Kinda old
Vol. II coming sometime in the future

Beach Birthday

A few digi-flicks from Sabir's 19th Birthday

Radiohead-On The Beach

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