Return The Sun: Listen


Have you ever had that when you're trying to explain something important to someone,
and it seems like they are either not understanding it or not paying attention?

Happens to me all the time.

I've realized that so many thoughts and sayings are incredibly profound
if you pay attention and think about them, something that most
people aren't willing to do unfortunately.

I think that's why so much talk today is just cheap and useless.
I think that's why people have given up on saying things that are meaningful,
because almost no one is willing to listen and understand.
I think that's why, in the midst of today's information overload, so little is actually being said.

People have become too self-absorbed with what they have to say.
They don't realize that the people they talk to are living humans just like them,
with thoughts, dreams, and passions that they want to share.
Everyone wants to express what's inside of them, it's the way God made us.
Everyone wants to be listened to and understood.
We actually have a lot of common ground with most people around us, but we'll never
know unless we listen and let them open up.
There's so much to learn from people, and we really miss out when we're selfish and
refuse to listen.

That's why so much of our conversations are full of small talk and meaningless chatter.
Sometimes I think both sides want to express themselves sincerely and honestly
but are afraid.
Afraid of being judged, laughed at, or rejected.
So don't mock or make fun of people when they talk about something they really care about.
Even if it's seemingly insignificant or stupid.
To them, those words are just as important as your inner thoughts are to you.

I'm guilty of that.
I also need to listen more and be genuinely interested.
I'm realizing that the reason so many people feel depressed and misunderstood
is because they're too busy thinking about themselves
instead of opening their eyes and being involved in someone else's life.

So do yourself a favor.


Ask questions.
Try to understand what people are really saying
and why they're saying it.

Encourage others to open up by being open yourself.
Don't worry about what other people will say
because their opinion doesn't have to affect you.

Be real.


Blossoming Branches said...

I hear you. That's actually what I'm working on right now.

olga.mklnko said...

thats some deep poetic thoughts you got there.
very true

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