Return The Sun: November 2010


Neon Indian-Mind Drips (Mirror People Remix)


Snow makes everything look so magical

...and I don't care how cheesy that sounds

Mark Mothersbaugh-Snowflake Music

The Son of Righteousness

"As the sun is the center, so is Christ;
as the sun is the great motor, the first source of motive power,
so is Christ to his people;
as the sun is the fountain from which light, life, and heat perpetually flow,
so is the Savior;
as the sun is the fructifier by which fruits multiply and ripen,
so is Christ:
and as the sun is the regulator and rules the day,
and marks the seasons,
even so is Jesus owned as Lord
to the glory of God the Father...
And brethren, if you would sun yourselves in Christ's beams,
let me bid you reflect his light whenever you receive it.
He is the sun, and you are the planet, but every planet shines,
shines with borrowed light. It conceals no light,
but sends back to other worlds what the sun has given to it.
Cast back on men the light which Jesus gives you."
Spurgeon, 1871

On The Road Again

Matthew Dear-You Put A Smell On Me (Breakbot Remix)

Бабушка и Дедушка

Blockhead-Coloring Book

One Look

The Radio Dept.-Heaven's On Fire


Move over JB

Justin Bieber-One Time

Project Battleground

A project I did for school.

Shell of Light



Feist-Limit To Your Love

Down Down Down

Crystal Fighters-Plage


Levek-Look On The Bright Side


One of the things I like about George is that he's real.
It seems that he doesn't even know how to be fake or put on a mask.
He's the same person in front of everyone, whether it's the pastor or his friends.
While so many of us try to impress others with our actions or words, George
just lives his life without caring what others think (to a degree).

And in spite of that, he loves to be around people.
I've seen him open up to people that he just met and by the end of the conversation
it seems like they've known each other for years.
People who know him know that he's a lol factory, I'm pretty sure that every time
I talk to him, I crack up at one point or another..
But he can also be serious, I've had many awesome times of fellowship with him.
It's been a privilege for me to get to know him more and reach that point where
we can have fun and still be edifying to each other.

In conclusion, George is awesome and I'm glad he's my friend

Happy Birthday Homeboy


Tennis-Take Me Somewhere

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