Return The Sun: The Son of Righteousness

The Son of Righteousness

"As the sun is the center, so is Christ;
as the sun is the great motor, the first source of motive power,
so is Christ to his people;
as the sun is the fountain from which light, life, and heat perpetually flow,
so is the Savior;
as the sun is the fructifier by which fruits multiply and ripen,
so is Christ:
and as the sun is the regulator and rules the day,
and marks the seasons,
even so is Jesus owned as Lord
to the glory of God the Father...
And brethren, if you would sun yourselves in Christ's beams,
let me bid you reflect his light whenever you receive it.
He is the sun, and you are the planet, but every planet shines,
shines with borrowed light. It conceals no light,
but sends back to other worlds what the sun has given to it.
Cast back on men the light which Jesus gives you."
Spurgeon, 1871


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