Return The Sun: Pixel Paper No. 1

Pixel Paper No. 1

I recently got a notebook of paper with little squares on it.
Rather than calling this graph paper
which has a distasteful mathematical connotation;
I decided to rename this pixel paper
which sounds a lot more pleasant (and artistic).

I'm sure you creative people can relate to the frustration of looking at a blank
white piece of paper and having absolutely no idea what to do with it.
With pixel paper, that first problem is avoided because you already have something
on the page to look at, and all you have to do is find a way to manipulate those
little squares into something cool.


olga.mklnko said...

haha nice,
graph paper definately doesnt bring back any good memories..
i think ill try using some pixel paper too

Blossoming Branches said...

haha "distasteful mathematical connotation"
so true

Taylor said...

You should repackage "graph paper"
with a label of "pixel paper" and sell it...

Artem said...

Taylor that is such a good idea, those would sell so fast

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