Return The Sun: 2011

Zherebnenko Family Christmas

I was commissioned by my good friends the Zherebnenkos to take their
family Christmas picture.
Needless to say, we had a great time exploring the wilderness and got some
nice pictures along the way.

BG Sunset

Dec. 1

This is how we celebrate winter in the Northwest


Sei A-Frozen Flower (Youandewan Remix)



My good friend Andrew has a blog.
I had the opportunity to do some design for it.
He is awesome and therefore it is awesome.
Go bask in the awesomeness of it all.


Shlohmo-Ghosts Pt.2


Here's an old video that I dug up from 2-3 years ago..
Those were the days when we were happy just skating around
and not worrying about silly things like careers and responsibility.
Man, time flies so fast.


Cancer & Leo


You know what's crazy?

The world is actually exploding all around us.
It's just happening in slow motion.

Think about it.
All growth is explosive.

Take trees for example.
A tiny green plant shoots out of the seed,
and then breaks through the topsoil.
Then it keeps growing and stretching and getting bigger,
unfurling leaves and new branches.

Or a human,
which starts out as a tiny fetus in the womb.
Then it comes out.
And then it grows for about 25 years,
developing bone mass and getting larger and larger.
Kind of like a tree.

That's pretty cool.
Everything is exploding with growth and energy.
Just reaallllly slllowwwllly..
We can see the process a lot better when it's sped up

So yeah, that's pretty crazy
Here's a tree I drew

Silver Star

Youth Lagoon-Cannons


My City


Joey is twenty.
I can't even believe it.
I remember first meeting Joey at camp in 2006 (I think)
He was this cool kid from Idaho who had a sick snowboarding jacket
and slept on the bunk directly above mine.
Basically, he was way cooler than me.
Then we both ended up moving here to Vancouver and I don't even remember
how we actually became such close friends.

But I remember that first quarter of Clark when we had American History together
and we just sat in the back with Alina and talked the whole time.
I remember when he first got his license and his Jetta, and how awesome
it was speeding down the freeway at night blasting techno.
I remember how one quarter, him and Max came over almost every day to play
ping pong and how we would always compete to see who was the best.
I remember driving up to Mt. Hood and getting stuck in the snow without chains.
I remember spending the night at his house and staying up til like 3 because
we were laughing so hard that we couldn't sleep.

He was one of the few people who had this strange power to make me
laugh uncontrollably, and it still happens to this day.
He's one of the nicest people I know, and I've never seen him mad
(well actually I have, but not a lot)
He's really mellow and doesn't get stressed out easily.

Through all the time we've spent together, it's fascinating to see how he's changed.
He's become more stable, more of a man.
He's come out of his shell,
he's become less afraid to show people who he really is.
He's become more Christlike.

While it was fun to spend time with him before,
it's a lot more so now because our friendship has reached a new depth
with our spiritual growth that we've experienced.
Now we have a much deeper connection that goes beyond just hanging out
for the sake of fun and entertainment.

So Broseph..
Happy Birthday
You are awesome and I'm super blessed to have you as a friend.
This card is obviously sarcastic, because you have your whole life
ahead of you and your future is looking very promising.


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