Return The Sun: Flashback


Our Canada trip was beyond awesome.
I can't even explain it in words..
Let me just say that I have the best family in the world.

Here's some flashback pictures we took:

This first one isn't from Canada.
On the way back, we stopped by in a small town called Mt. Vernon,
where we used to live.
This picture was from my first day of school back in '96.

Last time we were in Vancouver BC was 1996, 15 years ago.
We came to this aquarium but for some reason we never went in.
This time we did, and it was awesome.

The best family ever.


olga.mklnko said...

thats awesome :)

Daniel Mikhaylenko said...

love your camera in the last pic!

Andrey said...

in the first set of pictures, did athose other kids die?

Artem said...

Yes, actually. Those were our siblings Mark and Kristina, they tragically died in an incident
involving a candy bar, a reckless aquarium
attendant, and a hungry killer whale.
I don't like to talk about it.

Artem said...

oh wait, Mark and Kristina were in the second picture.
I don't know about the kids in the first one,
they also probably died.

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