Return The Sun: BCE


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Apr. 15 2011


olga.mklnko said...

i was about to stop checkin your blog

very naice :)

olga.mklnko said...

i just realized that it also says bce (before the common era)

Artem said...

it says whatever you want it to say

Andrey K. said...

Oh the open mindedness of Artem :)

Blossoming Branches said...

^ people pleaser, artem!

anyhoo, can I get this print on a t-shirt or something? Yeah!

Artem said...

Sure, this will come in a limited run of three shirts.
$175.00 each.

Andrey K. said...

Wow this will be costly :).
By the way the image reminds me a little of Russia.

DR. anDREy said...

$175?!!? What a steal! I'll take five!

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