Return The Sun: May 2011

Drowned City

In light of the current flood warnings, I thought it would
be appropriate to finally finish this one.
Creating all those details was probably the most laborious thing
I've done with Illustrator yet, and I learned a lot about
what not to do.

But yeah, it really needs to stop raining already.
It's almost June.


Paralyze Humanity Sequence-Hammock

As you can see, I'm pretty stoked about our new hammock.
Let the chillin' commence.

Sun Rainbow

Did you guys see this strange/beautiful sky phenomenon last week?



First you were all like whoa
and we were like whoa
and you were like whooooaaaaaaa



Nothing but the Truth

John 8:32


Take No Heroes - Only Inspiration


All we have is now


You know how sometimes you see a person and you just know that you would
be good friends before you even meet them?
It was kinda like that with Andrew.
I remember being his friend on Myspace before he really knew me and
thinking that he was cool because he liked a lot of awesome music.
When I actually did meet him, we had so many things in common that
we became instant friends.

This guy is so intelligent, and knows something about everything.
There's always something to talk about with him.
On top of that, he's got a great personality and sense of humor.
I can't count the number of times I've almost died laughing because of him.

However, there is also a serious side to him.
We've had many times of really deep conversations, and I think
we've both grown as a result of those.
With all the experiences he's had, he has a pretty informed understanding of life
and I wouldn't hesitate to say that he's actually quite a wise man.
He has a real deep love for God, and it shows.
It's amazing to have a person who is so similar to you
and has the same faith as well.
It's really incredible.

So if you don't know Andrew yet, meet him.
You won't regret it (until he pushes you into a bush)

Happy Birthday buddy

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