Return The Sun: Drowned City

Drowned City

In light of the current flood warnings, I thought it would
be appropriate to finally finish this one.
Creating all those details was probably the most laborious thing
I've done with Illustrator yet, and I learned a lot about
what not to do.

But yeah, it really needs to stop raining already.
It's almost June.


Abby Bak said...

wow looks awesome. must have been gruesome to make

olga.mklnko said...

nicee finally hah
what did you learn not to do?

Anonymous said...

Purty cool, looks like a city frozen in an ice cube.

Kae said...

that pretty much looks like portland at the moment. swell job.

Artem said...

You are all too kind :)

Well pretty much, I learned that making
stuff on different layers makes things
a lot easier, and when working with a bunch of
objects to start with the back ones so you
don't have to keep sending them forward or back.
And other little things like that.

olga.mklnko said...

yeah looks like a pain in the butt
at least you stuck through with it :)

Mark n Andrey said...

that would be an awesome city to live in. If we could all breathe under water.. and we could swim around everywhere

Blossoming Branches said...

this is fantastic!

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