Return The Sun: Saddle Mountain

Saddle Mountain

St. Andrew-The Tabernacle is Indestructible (and Everlasting)


olga.mklnko said...

dang some of those last shots i could totally see in an ad somwhere

Kae said...

these pictures were suspenseful. I wasn't sure what would happen after the knife picture, but happy to see you made it out alive.

annabee said...

these are awesome photos, are you using an old school camera? if did you manage to pull these off? IM IMPRESSEd. although if this is a regular camera IM STILL IMPRESSed!

Artem said...

hahah thanks ladies

Bee, yeah it's a Pentax 35mm film camera..
I really can't take credit for these,
All I do is press the button.
The camera makes it look good.

olga.mklnko said...

i need to get me one of those

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