Return The Sun: October 2011


Here's an old video that I dug up from 2-3 years ago..
Those were the days when we were happy just skating around
and not worrying about silly things like careers and responsibility.
Man, time flies so fast.


Cancer & Leo


You know what's crazy?

The world is actually exploding all around us.
It's just happening in slow motion.

Think about it.
All growth is explosive.

Take trees for example.
A tiny green plant shoots out of the seed,
and then breaks through the topsoil.
Then it keeps growing and stretching and getting bigger,
unfurling leaves and new branches.

Or a human,
which starts out as a tiny fetus in the womb.
Then it comes out.
And then it grows for about 25 years,
developing bone mass and getting larger and larger.
Kind of like a tree.

That's pretty cool.
Everything is exploding with growth and energy.
Just reaallllly slllowwwllly..
We can see the process a lot better when it's sped up

So yeah, that's pretty crazy
Here's a tree I drew

Silver Star

Youth Lagoon-Cannons


My City