Return The Sun: Trees


You know what's crazy?

The world is actually exploding all around us.
It's just happening in slow motion.

Think about it.
All growth is explosive.

Take trees for example.
A tiny green plant shoots out of the seed,
and then breaks through the topsoil.
Then it keeps growing and stretching and getting bigger,
unfurling leaves and new branches.

Or a human,
which starts out as a tiny fetus in the womb.
Then it comes out.
And then it grows for about 25 years,
developing bone mass and getting larger and larger.
Kind of like a tree.

That's pretty cool.
Everything is exploding with growth and energy.
Just reaallllly slllowwwllly..
We can see the process a lot better when it's sped up

So yeah, that's pretty crazy
Here's a tree I drew


Anonymous said...

That's intense, also the tree looked hand drawn at first, nice illustration.

Taylor said...

Yeah! And it is really quite fast, this explosion. If you think of the billions of cells that are multiplying every second just to replace the old and not even grow! And how much energy that takes... and the amount of information in each DNA that is multiplied and how fast that is... People are just dumb who look at that and say there is no God.
oh and I like your tree.

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