Return The Sun: Proper


My good friend Andrew has a blog.
I had the opportunity to do some design for it.
He is awesome and therefore it is awesome.
Go bask in the awesomeness of it all.


Kae said...

you have some serious skills here.
Andrew's logo is perfectly Andrew.
And your new logo is pretty swell, too.
glad I have someone awesome to refer logo-needing friends and clients to!

Anonymous said...

Killin it.

VP said...

Very nice...still waiting for 9 months later...

Andrey said...

Dude, thank you so much! You're awesome and the logo is rad. Is this picture from when we were looking through records at Goodwill and I found that sweet Tavares record??

Artem said...

Hahaha thanks guys..
Vitaliy I'M SORRY! I promise I will make it for you really soon.
Yeah Andrew, that's the one.

Unknown said...
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Nix said...

seems legit & accurate

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