Return The Sun: January 2012


I made this video for my friend Slavik, check it out.



Coloring the Void

I was waiting to use these timelapse shots for something,
but they were just lying around for too long so I decided to put them up.



Roma, Luda, Andrey, and I took a roadtrip through the western peninsula of Washington
a few weeks ago, and it was awesome.
We did more in two days than I usually do in a month.

>First stop was Port Angeles, where we got lunch and went souvenir shopping.
We also stopped by a visitor center where we saw some cool dead animals
and some other assorted artifacts.

>Next was Hurricane Ridge, the snowy part.
We drove through the beautiful mountains to get here and the drive was almost as
breathtaking as the destination.
We chose to disregard snowshoes and proceed on foot to explore the forest.
Needless to say, we got pretty dang wet and had a great time.
(Luda, I'm sorry for forcing you to eat snow, even though you deserved it)

>After that, we headed to Forks, which is the city where some little-known
movie called Twilight was filmed, maybe some of you have heard of it?
We spent the night in a cozy cabin near the woods, and watched Spongebob and
Pirates of the Caribbean while a storm that would've scared Noah raged against
our rooftop.

>The next morning, we set out to Rialto Beach, where the rain was still pouring
in full swing and the waves were spectacular.
Trying to hold an umbrella and film at the same time isn't very fun.
We also got soaked here.

>After the beach, we continued to the Hoh forest trail.
It's called a rainforest for a reason, as we soon discovered.
We got even more soaked here, but managed to view some epic scenery
and observe some fat salmon in the river.

>With the forest conquered, we commenced our journey home and arrived
wet, tired, and victorious.