Return The Sun: July 2012




Classixx have been one of my favorites since 3 summers ago when I heard
this, so I was pretty excited to hear that they were coming to Portland for the first time.
The show was amazing, but one thing I quickly learned was that the lighting
at late night shows is horrible for taking pictures.

Vadim & Dasha



After getting a digital camera, my little 35mm Pentax got relegated to the closet
to gather dust. But after shooting digital for a while, I realized I missed
the colors and process of shooting film, so I wiped the dust off and took
my old friend out for another fling.
The thing I like about film is that every shot counts. You can't just snap
1000 pictures hoping that one of them will turn out.
That's why I think it's useful for every photographer to start with film
to learn proper composition, exposure, and patience.