Return The Sun: ♫

Anyone who knows me knows that I love music
so it stands to reason that I would eventually try to create it myself.

My brother and my friends Mark & Igor got me a midi controller exactly a year ago for my birthday
and I've been messing around with Ableton trying to figure it out since then.
Chopping up Weezy vocals and random cupboard samples is such a fun game.
At this point, I have like a million unfinished songs, but this was the first one that I actually "completed".

The best way to tell if a song is good, I think, is if you can still bear listening to it for the 587th time.


P.S. I still suck at mixing and doing all that stuff
but bear with me, I'm trying


imthetruthnowwhatareyou? said...

I lu this. Thank you

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